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Our team

We’re a small but mighty team. And, yes, this also helps to keep costs down for your benefit.

Daniel Dos Santos - Founder

Daniel is a life-sciences professional with 10 years’ experience in the industry. As an expert consultant in validation, project management, and quality control, he knows the ins and outs of consultancy work, primarily in the biotechnology, cell therapy, pharmaceutical, and tobacco sectors.

Daniel’s expertise in GLP/GMP combined with strong managerial and client-relations skills quickly made him a key element for the major players in the industry. When he decided to become a freelance consultant following a consulting role with agap2, he realised that the driving force behind all of his work was the motivation to improve the industry as a whole. And the key element to truly making an impact for any company was the human factor: accessing the experts who can propel a team to success.

That was the starting point for DDS Alliance. Realising that the current consultancy structure wasn’t serving the industry, Daniel sought to build a more economically sound and efficient solution to connecting highly skilled and experienced consultants to industry leaders. In 2017, DDS Alliance was founded upon Daniel’s own philosophy and unifying approach to consulting: building a bridge between the life science industry and its experts.

Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Science with a major in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Validation.

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Shelagh Cooney - Marketing & communications officer

Shelagh is a creative communications professional with experience working in communications for a startup as well as within a corporate environment.

Originally from Canada, Shelagh is a full-fledged bilingual Anglo. With a Master’s in Multilingual communication, she is a self-proclaimed word nerd and is passionate about storytelling through engaging content. Having lived and worked in both Europe and North America, her skills lie in enabling and creating meaningful communication between people, businesses, and organizations.

At DDS Alliance, she helps to give our brand a voice and make sure our communication efforts are reaching the right people.

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