Working with companies

We work with companies, typically life science organizations and laboratories, to help secure ? and work with ? the most qualified experts in the field for their specific project needs.


Our services cover:

  • Studying processes in place to offer the most suitable solutions

  • Training your personnel to give proper autonomy in specific fields of Quality

  • Validating bioanalytical methods and processes issued from Biotechnologies

  • Validating Computerized Systems

Food processing plant resized

Benefits of partnering with us


Minimal fixed hiring and monthly employment costs


A trusted partnership which can be built on the long-term or defined for a one-off project


The same freedom associated with hiring through a consulting agency


Assured legal/administrative security for you and your consultants


Access to top-level professionals within the industry


Assured sector-specific knowledge and experience of your project manager


High quality standards


A high-touch and transparent working relationship