Working with professionals

To meet our client demands for highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals within the industry, we help set-up and manage the most cost-efficient and hassle-free professional consultant-company relationship.


How we can help

You’re an experienced professional in the life sciences industry and there is an undeniable demand for your expertise:

-You’ve been approached by an employer who is interested in your profile, and they work exclusively with a consulting agency?

-You’ve been approached by a consulting agency who is interested in your profile for a contract they have with one of their clients?

In either scenario, this is not the best solution for you. When working with a traditional consulting agency, your salary is diminished significantly due to the margins made by the agency as well as the costs associated with paying the sales representatives who make the match. In fact, at the end of the day, the impact of their margin in borne by both you and the client.


At DDS Alliance, we’ve significantly reduced these costs, making it a win-win for you and the company you are interested in working for. 

Professional coffee

Benefits of working with us


Less costs for the employer, which means more money in your pocket (optimised salary)

The same freedom associated with working through a consulting agency

No administrative hassle (we take care of it all: contractual, financial, tax, legislative, etc.)

Employee status security (such as employment insurance, accident insurance, payroll, etc.) with the freedom of an independent consultant

Access to top-level industry knowledge and expertise

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